Sunday 26 March 2017

2017 Garden Plans Part 2

The picture above is an update on my tomato seedlings - looking pretty good at Day 22. I shared the list of tomatoes and peppers that I was planning to grow in my first Garden Plans post here.

Today I started some of the brassicas, and this is a MUCH smaller list this year.  I have not been super successful with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc. and did not really want to continue but had so many darn seeds left!  Luckily, a friend is hosting a seed swap at a nearby library so I was able to get rid of the seeds while still putting them to good use (that's me in the picture trying to look casual for the photo, ha!).  But I did keep back one variety of broccoli and the few remaining cabbage seeds that seemed to work well for me last year (hoping you can see this, my screenshots aren't always visible!):

I should probably start some kohlrabi indoors soon ... this year is my last kick at the can for those as they aren't doing too well either (and I don't love it enough to keep trying).  But I definitely LOVE all of the kale varieties.  The mustard greens kept bolting last year, so I'll try to find a cooler spot this time around.

It is looking decidedly not spring-like around here and I don't think the greenhouse is ready even for greens that can handle some cooler temperatures.  But the forecast is looking positive and I will share another post on the year's plans when I get some greens underway.


  1. Good luck with your brassicas. Tomatoes look great!

    1. Thanks Michelle. I will vicariously enjoy your wonderful brussels sprouts since I refuse to try them anymore. :)

  2. Wow - those tomatoes are huge & looking great! I haven't even started mine yet...but won't be too much longer. And great photo...uber casual ;)