Sunday 17 March 2013

Black Walnut

My former property has a big old black walnut tree ... not a good thing for gardening due to the toxins that prevent many plants from growing anywhere near that type of tree, but majestic nevertheless.

Some limbs were trimmed a while back, and I saved a few pieces to see if my friend Glen could make something for me as a keepsake.  The limbs were kept up in the attic for about 8 months to dry out (or is it called "seasoning" like for firewood?).  Anyway, once Glen got the limbs cut up (OMG, I bet there is a woodworking term I should be using here), the pieces proved to be smaller than anticipated.  Naturally, Glen rose to the challenge, and made me a really gorgeous box / piece of art!

 And here is the link to his website so you can check out more of Glen's fabulous works:

He was too nice to charge me anything, so we made a deal.  I'm going to provide him with plants when he moves into his new house in the summer, and in the fall, I'll help him can some tomato sauce made with the tomato, pepper and herb plants I'll be giving him.

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