Wednesday 3 April 2013

Miso Soup

I've been eating a lot of rich foods lately, so I'm taking a (very short) detox break, starting with dinner tonight.  Miso Soup is crazy easy to make if you have the right ingredients on hand, and is very light and nutritious.

4 cups water
Bonito flavoured stock powder/cubes
White miso paste, 1-2 Tbsp
3/4 cup diced silken tofu
2 green onions, sliced green parts only

Unless you are in the habit of making your own dashi - a stock flavoured with kombu (dried kelp) and bonito flakes (flakes of a dried bonito fish - a type of tuna) - then you are most likely going to use some form of bonito flavoured powder.  Follow the directions for the amount of water being used.

Bring the liquid to a boil, then reduce to a simmer.  In a bowl, mix the miso paste with some of the liquid to form a slurry; this will allow it to mix into the liquid easier.  Mix in with the broth.  If this is your first time, start with 1 Tbsp and see how it tastes.  It's easy enough to add more as needed.  Simmer just a minute or two and it's ready to serve.

Divide the tofu and green onions amongst the bowls to be used (I personally drank the entire 4 cups of this broth - yes, it is that tasty and light).  Add the broth and enjoy!

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