Thursday 26 June 2014

Grilled Peppers Stuffed with Shrimp and Boursin Cheese

Although I did have a BBQ on hand for this, I had just bought it and had not had the patience to put it together (arrgghhh with the DIY everything these days!).  So these have been grilled indoors, but I look forward to some awesome outdoor grilling soon.

Super easy, super tasty and only four ingredients:  peppers, shrimp, boursin cheese, tarragon.

I grilled 12 shrimp (31-46 size) until just cooked, then finely chopped them.  Mix with 100 grams boursin cheese (I always buy pepper boursin, so if you use plain, you might want to spice it up a bit) and 1 Tbsp chopped fresh tarragon (or basil, if you prefer).

Make a slice (sort of v-shaped to make room for stuffing) into a "snacking" pepper - just little sweet peppers.  I got mine at the SunTech greenhouse shop in Manotick.  If possible, put the "v" back into place to keep the cheese from dribbling out when it heats up.

Grill on medium to high heat on BBQ or cast-iron grill pan on the stovetop. 

You want to cook these on a fairly high heat to blister the skin a bit and soften the flesh.

The boursin cheese should be heated through before removing from the pan.

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  1. Made these on Sunday - very yummy. thanks for the recipe