Monday 5 December 2016

Harvest Monday: December 5, 2016

Well, we've had some wonderful weather this past week but I am not going to be duped - I fully expect a nasty winter here!  I just wish it would contain itself to a shorter period of time!  And it started again last night with a few inches of snow.

I was driving back from the shops yesterday and saw a woman clipping dogwood branches along the ditches near my house.  And I thought, wow, I have lots of those in my yard, what a great idea!  So I snipped a few.  And grabbed a few berries from the yard for extra colour ... which I think are holly??

Feel free to speculate otherwise, I'm terrible with knowing what's what around here - I've moved a lot over the years and always getting used to local flora takes a while (Canada, you are beautiful everywhere!).

Anyway, on to the harvest.  My final harvest for the season are these Brussels sprouts.  I do have some greens hanging out in the greenhouse (arugula and spinach) but there has been very little sunshine.  And the rutabaga in the ground is not maturing well so I'll see how it looks in the spring (along with the parsnip which I am intentionally leaving).  In the picture below, you will see a rosemary plant that I am overwintering inside as well as the one remaining "mystery" squash (yes, OK, we know now it's basically just a spaghetti squash)  I've left it upstairs to use first instead of the properly matured squash stored in my cold room.

Although this is the last harvest from my garden for the season, I have all sorts of plans for things I've already harvested and will share anything of interest over the winter.  And now I will pop over to Our Happy Acres to see what other gardeners are doing this week with the Harvest Monday collection.  Wishing a happy and fruitful week to all!