Wednesday 30 July 2014

Red Potato and Swiss Chard Gratin

For a few years now, I have preferred using stock (organic veggie or chicken) in scalloped potatoes rather than cream or other dairy (so are they still considered "scalloped"?).  And since making that change, I've also realized how many different veggies can be layered in between the potatoes!

In this case, I used swiss chard between layers of red skinned potatoes.  I think it was about a pound of each with some garlic and sliced shallot.

Any combination of chard, beet greens or spinach will work well between the potatoes.  Pile the greens pretty thick as they will cook down a lot.  And be sure to season each layer with salt and pepper.

Cover with stock and bake at 350 degrees F until tender (usually 35-45 min).  I usually add cheese on top about halfway through so it gets brown and bubbly but doesn't have time to burn (cheddar or monterey jack work well here).

Allow to cool a bit as the stock will continue to be absorbed.  Serve with fresh chives and sour cream.


  1. I might have to try that with sweet potatoes in the fall.

    1. Mmm .. sounds good. I've done potatoes and butternut squash, potatoes and tomatoes ... but never swapped out the potatoes for something else. Great idea!