Monday 6 October 2014

Harvest Monday: October 6, 2014

Super slow this week, but still hanging in with a few items.  Looking forward to seeing what others are harvesting around the globe this week ... check out Daphne's Dandelions for more details!

This parsley and broccoli were my only harvest.  Most of my time is spent preparing the gardens for next year.


  1. Yum parsley and broccoli. Two of my favorites. I'm hoping for broccoli this week. I keep telling it to grow faster.

  2. Beautiful broccoli! You actually reminded me I had better harvest & freeze some parsley before a hard freeze turns it to mush. I am sooo behind on my fall garden chores it's almost embarrassing! And it keeps raining all the time so I keep falling further behind.

  3. Looks great. I wish I had some parsley to harvest, I never did manage to get any to grow this year.

    1. Funny ... I can't grow peppers and you have them by the pounds. But I have no issues growing tons of parsley - climate I suppose.

  4. Nice parsley and broccoli. My broccoli looks spent so parsley is all I'm going to be getting for awhile. With the cooler fall weather it has really picked up and started growing. Reminds me I have to go clip some for gremolata.

  5. Your broccoli is great! My first ever attempt this year has not gone so well. I think the soil is too poor. My purple sprouting broccoli plants look a bit healthier but won't crop til not year.