Monday 28 September 2015

Harvest Monday: September 27, 2015

Mom's visiting from B.C. for the week and we are off to Montreal today.  I haven't had much to harvest, although plenty of work ahead of me getting the beds ready for the fall.  I've bought a rototiller - although I don't like to till the soil too much, it is handy now and then.  I've used it to prepare the bed for garlic seed planting in a few weeks.

In the meantime, not much going on but a bit of harvest here and there.  The main photo shows the largest of my beets (definitely not saying much for the rest of the harvest) plus a variety of carrots and a watermelon - pictured just for interest as it did not mature enough to eat. In fact, the watermelon in this following picture is the bigger of the two which I had pulled out earlier in the week (at least I had a spoonful to eat):

I've tried making my usual basil and oil blend (in the food processor) to freeze but it has come out brownish the last two batches - I suspect the very few leaves that are tainted from a mild frost are turning the whole thing brown.  So what basil is not used fresh in the next few weeks will be tossed in the compost.  Along with the basil pictured here are a few Nantes carrots and more mouse melon.  The beans are very young Scarlett Runner Beans which were steamed and eaten.

And the usual batch of kale - in this case, I've pulled some plants that were too close together in the hopes of getting another good harvest in the next few weeks.

As for previous harvests, I made a casserole (scalloped potato style) of my own parsnips, potatoes and thyme tossed with leeks from the local market and baked with some veggie stock.  Yummy.

I'll try to catch up with everyone on Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday collection when I'm back from a few days away.  Hope everyone is enjoying their gardens!


  1. Nice harvest, love the cute melon and beautiful colorful carrots.

  2. Love the kale. I keep telling my kale to start growing, but it is being really slow. I might get a harvest from it. I hope so.

  3. It seems the dinosaur kale peters out at the end of the season. The leaves keep getting smaller. It may be one kale that needs to be replanted for the fall. The Siberian kale I usually plant (Beedy's Camden) just keeps cranking out leaves. Have fun in Montreal.

  4. Congrats on the rototiller! I don't use mine a lot either but it is handy for soil prep, and it saves my back from digging all the time. Your casserole sounds yummy!

  5. Those carrots are gorgeous! I hope I even end up getting a carrot harvest - more than baby carrots, at least. They are so slow to size up that it will be touch and go.

  6. Lovely rainbow carrots you have there. At least you got one spoon of melon, yummy.
    Have you tried cutting the very top of your kale plants off? I sometimes do that with brassicas which are starting to bolt and it seems to encourage more side leaves for a while longer