Saturday 30 April 2016

End of April Update

This is an update of what's going on in the yard at the end of April.  The colour is all coming from flowers (like the crocus above - one of my spring favourites) as very few veggies are showing yet.

The daffodils are up ...

The rose bush is starting to bud ...

This is in bloom - but I can't remember what it is (but so pretty!).  It's not hyacinth is it? 

And I'm always pleased when I see some hollyhock's coming up (they are biennial but I planted them several years in a row so I usually get a few volunteers each year).

 And some annuals that I have started for this year include these nasturtiums just sprouting in the greenhouse.

And I have several flats of marigolds on the way as well in the greenhouse (plus basil and this one swiss chard):

And on to the veggies.  Here are the two boxes of garlic I planted in the fall.

I planted Music (shown here below), German White, Mennonite Porcelain, Majestic Porcelain and Red Russian.

And just a few sprigs of asparagus, with hopefully lots more on the way!

I dug up one rhubarb plant for a friend at work, but still have 4 or 5 coming up like this one:

I transplanted these brassicas late this afternoon - it is supposed to rain most of the next two days so seemed a good time to get them in the ground although they are a bit small (1 kohlrabi, 2 kale, 3 brussels sprouts, 2 broccoli, 2 cabbage and a couple of cauliflower).

In the greenhouse bed, I have some arugula and radish.

Lots of other crops have been seeded but are just barely poking up through the soil so they will have to wait for another update. I am very glad to have some rain for a day or two as it has been quite dry and I haven't been around much to water - I am worried the carrots or beets that I seeded about 2 weeks ago won't germinate as they have not been kept very moist.

Looking forward to some good eats this summer if all goes well!


  1. Lots is happening in your garden - this time of year is so exciting! I was out just now getting some brassicas including the broccoli into the ground as well - like you I want to take advantage of the rain we are expecting & it was a halfway decent day today (surprisingly).

    I think that flower is "Glory of the Snow" - it's lovely, isn't it?

    1. Yes, it could be that. I think it's just the way I took the photo that makes it look different. Thanks, I had no idea ...

  2. There's so much promise showing in your garden! It must be a bit of a miracle every year when your garden awakens from its winter slumber. I set out some really tiny brassica seedlings like yours a while back and they grew by leaps and bounds. I would normally pot them up into bigger containers first, but I had the space available in the garden so I skipped that step, now I think I'll skip that potting up step whenever possible.

    1. It truly is a wonder here. Your area certainly has its changes from season to season but I suspect it is much more dramatic here when we go from absolutely nothing (frozen tundra-ish) to spring flowers popping up within days. Nature truly is amazing.

      And how great when you try something as a short-cut only to realize it works all of the time!