Sunday 16 April 2017

2017 Garden Plans Part 3

I have started some greens now, so it seems a good time to share my plans.  The arugula shown in the picture above, as well as the Bon Vivant lettuce, are sitting in the 3-season porch area which is plenty warm already.  This used to be just a screened-in porch but I had windows and a proper door installed in the fall after having the foundation cemented in.  Not sure what to call it yet - "three-season porch area" is too many words to use but it isn't quite finished enough to be called a sunroom yet ... hmm.  I guess just "the porch". 

I've also got French Breakfast radish in a container.  More radish (easter egg) have been started in the greenhouse.  After reading Dave's April Greenhouse Tour post earlier this morning, I went out and planted a salad box of the Parris Island Cos lettuce. His greenhouse tour is always an inspiration to me as mine is a similar size but I'm still working out how to make the most use of it this early in the season.  But soon enough it will be filled with flower starts and the tomato/pepper seedlings can be moved in from the house.

In the ground, I've started kohlrabi, mixed kale and mustard along with Iceberg Lettuce, Kindle Lettuce (a butterhead variety) and King of Denmark spinach.  The Red Callaloo was seeded into a flower garden as I thought it would look pretty there. And I planted scarlet curly kale in another flower garden.

So this is the full list of greens I plan to grow this year, mostly just more varieties of the same but it's nice to have options (the kale, kohlrabi and mustard varieties were listed in my earlier post on brassica plans).

My next post on garden plans should be about root vegetables - I've already got some beets and carrots in the ground.  And how are your garden plans coming along?


  1. I'm loving this amazing weather! I actually got all my onion seedlings sown - that's one tedious task that I'm glad is over with.

    1. Oh, good for you, it is very tedious. I didn't do any seedlings this year - threw some seeds direct into the garden for spring onions, and still have some sets to get in soon.