Tuesday 15 July 2014

Yard Update - July 15

Happy Birthday Dad!

Here is the last part of my 3 part yard update (temporarily interrupted by my Harvest Monday post).  Last and maybe the least?  This last batch of photos seem to have a lot of weeds so I have some serious work to do this weekend or whenever I get some time.  Between work and rainy days, it has been a challenge to keep up with it all.  But luckily, most veggies and herbs continue on through rough conditions!!

Just a round up of what's going on in the gardens in mid-July.

The winter squash patch (butternut, acorn, spaghetti) plus cantaloupe

Spaghetti squash

Summer squash and watermelon


Mouse melon - not doing much

Mouse Melon

Spaghetti squash blossom (with ants)


Cucumber and onions

Thyme - lotsa weeds

Sage with flowers growing into the tarragon


Lotsa chives

Rosemary (and lots of weeds)

3 sisters garden with corn, beans and squash

Jerusalem artichokes

Big pile of african marigolds - can't wait for these to come up!

Some pansies, petunias

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  1. I get ants in my squash blossoms too. There are just way too many ants this year.