Monday, 27 June 2016

Harvest Monday: June 27, 2016

I used last week's garlic scapes along with some fresh basil (and store-bought cherry tomatoes) for this delicious pasta shared with a friend (and repeated later in the week just for myself!).

I'm linking in to Our Happy Acres for the weekly Harvest Monday submission.

I had a bit of time over the weekend for maintenance and got a solid bout of weeding and watering done.  These onions were accidental harvests.

These radishes had bolted at least two weeks ago and I finally got around to pulling them out.  Of the dozen or so radish, these few were just large enough to eat while the rest ended up in the compost.

And here is how large the plants themselves were to produce such tiny radish!

Same goes for the daikon radish I was trying to grow.  They are supposed to be very large but they bolted early on so I pulled them yesterday.

And these peas, oh my ... I planted 7 plants but only one survived.  That one plant was stunted and produced these two pods which were still tasty, but that's all there is.  I pulled the plant.

And here are two Feher Ozon peppers.  I'm pretty sure they are supposed to turn colours, maybe orange or red.  But I've never grown them before so thought I'd pick these and see how they taste.

And that's what I have going on.  I'll be popping by Harvest Monday postings to see what other gardeners have on the go this week!


  1. That's too bad about the peas. I didn't grow any radishes this spring since they usually bolt on me too. I have better luck here in fall, if I remember to sow some seed! I grew Feher Ozon last year and they do turn orange/red. I've never tried them green. They sort of look like a banana pepper to me at that stage.

  2. This hot, dry weather has been bad for a lot of the cool weather vegetables. I don't even bother with shell peas because the yield is so low. Snow and snap peas last longer for me. Too bad about the daikon. I am tying a Korean type which is shorter and fatter and Hoping they don't bolt.

  3. Fresh tomato and basil sounds wonderful, I hope to be trying your pasta dish in a few weeks. I've cooked radish seed pods in stir fries, they can be good.

  4. That's too bad about the peas and radishes - I tried to grow icicle radishes (which are sort of like daikon radish) a few times and met with disappointment each time (even when the regular radishes grew fine), so I've pretty much given up on them.

  5. I've had many of my spring crops bolt too. It just gets too hot, too fast.