Sunday, 26 June 2016

Pictures around the Garden

These photos are from yesterday after I managed to mow the lawn and do a bit of cleanup in the yard.  The main photo is my new fenced area around what used to be the old greenhouse - so that back wall (which needs some new paint!) was the back of the commercial sized greenhouse that I used to have on the property.  It looked kind of hideous on its own, so I thought a nice fence would improve the look.  I think it works?!  A friend asked what animals I was going to keep in the fenced area ... I was actually thinking it was for keeping plants in and animals out.  But now I realize I have some options.  Maybe some chickens or a goat?

And here are some of the things going on around here these days (other things as well, just didn't get around to everything):

Several varieties of basil

Xanthia peppers

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes

Ruby Red Chard

Another Xanthia pepper

Various brassica ... brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli ...

Shelling Peas

Various Carrots surrounded by Red Onions

What!? Will I actually grow a good-sized beet?

Red onion

 A mass of garlic

One of the Porcelain garlic varieties

Red Amaranth (Callaloo)

Beans in front, potatoes in the rear

Mama Robin left an egg in the nest, other babies gone now

And ... in the greenhouse:

King of the North pepper

Feher Ozon pepper

?? Can't remember what pepper this is

Or this

Feher Ozon peppers

Gypsy peppers

Apple cukes

I definitely need a round of organic fertilizer soon.  Plants all look strong, but not quite as well as they should with the crazy hot days we've had.


  1. That's quite the lovely fence you have there - sure beats my chickenwire by a mile! Look at the size of those Xanthia peppers - weren't they the really expensive ones? Looks like your investment may just pay off!

    1. Yes indeed they were the pricey peppers, so far so good!

  2. I was thinking 'chicken pen' when I saw the fence. You've sure got things looking good, and those pricey peppers are getting big!

  3. The garden is looking good, lots of progress. The fence does look a bit like a chicken yard but I'm not sure it is tall enough to keep chickens safe, depending on what kinds of predators you have, but I'm no expert.

    1. Hmm yes, well I won't be rushing into a decision on keeping livestock, it's rather a big change. I see the odd raccoon or skunk around but suspect my neighbour's beagles would be the worst predators. :)