Saturday 26 October 2013

Eggs in a Basket

I remember seeing V making this breakfast for Evey in "V for Vendetta" and have always wanted to try it (and a good reminder to watch that movie again!).  In fact, I had tried it before, but it turned into more of a french toast kind of vibe as the egg white oozed out all over the bread.

To do this properly, the hole in the bread really needs to be able to hold the egg, so thickly sliced bread and the right size of egg is the trick.  I used one large, thick slice from a buttermilk round loaf and two medium eggs (some still oozed out during cooking).

The rest is like grilling a sandwich ... either put a bunch of butter in the pan or butter the bread itself (both sides if you are taking this approach).  And because it might take a while for the egg to set, best to keep a medium heat on the stove.

Grill one side of the bread then flip.  Immediately crack the eggs into the holes then cover the pan and continue until the eggs are set to your preference (in my case super soft) and the bread is grilled.

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