Wednesday 9 October 2013

Roasted Beet Salad with Mint and Feta

This is a really great tasting beet salad that I first ate back at the farm (thanks Mary!).  I've made it many, many times since although I'm pretty sure it's morphed over time.  Unfortunately, it is one of those dishes for which I don't measure the ingredients at all.  Luckily, there aren't many.

I always roast beets with the skins on then remove them afterwards.  First of all, they come off much easier and can almost be rubbed off with your fingers.  But without the skins, the beets might get a bit dry, so keep the skin on!  For that same reason, I also don't cut them but roast them whole (or cut them in half with cut side down).  I use a wee bit of olive oil when roasting, but they can be roasted without as well.  Beets take forever to roast, so plan ahead!  I was using up the last few left in the garden so they don't look too pretty, but were still delicious (these are cylindria beets so they are supposed to be well ... cylindrical; not round).

Roasted beets, peeled and chopped
Chopped fresh mint leaves
Balsamic vinaigrette*
Goat or Sheep Milk Feta

Although balsamic vinegar is somewhat overrated (and overused), it seems the best choice for this dish.  I use my regular vinaigrette recipe but exchange the red wine vinegar with the balsamic.  Ever easier is to just drizzle a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the beets and toss.  There is a bit of saltiness from the feta cheese, and a pinch of salt in the vinaigrette.  I don't normally add any other seasoning.

And I always add the feta in just before serving, or you'll have bright pink chunks!

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