Saturday 31 January 2015

No Churn Ice Cream (with Stewed Rhubarb and Roasted Balsamic Strawberry Jam)

I've always made any homemade ice cream with all natural ingredients: cream, eggs, vanilla, sugar, maybe a bit of salt.  And it's not a lot of work but the churning process can be somewhat of an effort (as I don't have an electric ice cream machine).

So I recently succumbed to the effortless "no-churn ice cream" fad.  Considering the recipe I used, I suspect it's a bit higher in fat content than my usual ice cream recipes, but OMG!  Sooo delicious and sooo easy!

My original plan was to make roasted rhubarb ice cream using the one bag of rhubarb I froze from last year's harvest ... but I left it in the oven too long and it was totally dried out and a bit burnt.  So I turned next to the jar of balsamic strawberry jam I had in the fridge - I had only about a 1/2 cup left of this but had pulled another jar out of the freezer.  Well, it turns out that the new jar from the freezer was a delicious stewed rhubarb (very dark in colour, hence my confusion).  So I added about a cup worth (in total) from both jars to the ice cream base.

Now for the ice cream base - it is so simple!  Just whip 250 ml of heavy cream (whipping cream as we call it in Canada) then add in a 300 ml can of sweetened condensed milk (I used a low fat version).  This should make it sweet enough, especially when my jams were a bit sweet as well.  Stir in whatever flavouring you want then pour it all into a glass storage container and freeze.

And that's it - very little work for such a tasty dessert.

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  1. Yum, sounds delicious! You've got a nice distribution of fruit throughout too.