Saturday 4 April 2015

Signs of Spring ...

Mike from Mike's Bean Patch recently shared his thoughts on what signals the arrival of spring.  I was thinking about this yesterday as I wandered around the yard on the 2nd consecutive day of double-digit weather (15 Celsius!).

I had two immediate thoughts of what spring means to me ... the first spring flowers and the return of the robins.  Earlier this morning, I lost power for about 4 hours from the strong winds; the strong winds that also brought another inch or two of snow. 

But the daffodils are still standing.

And the robins are still hanging about (or at least this one is).

Does everyone have robins - I assume they are common in most areas of North America?  I had the pleasure of watching some baby robins a couple of years ago; they had set up home on top of my much needed pots so I was anxiously awaiting the hatching!

The garden was free of snow yesterday (sigh, not so much now).  I even noticed the chives already starting to pop up - I wish I'd taken a picture - they are just a memory now :).


  1. The robins are out and about here as well. Unfortunately, all of my bulbs are planted along the front of my house, which faces directly north, so they usually come up quite late and I don't have any really early ones like crocuses. I really should get some going in the back - after such a long winter, it would be really nice to see signs of life sooner rather than later.

  2. Robins are sometimes year round here, so not always a sign of spring. We do get more in the spring though as most go south for the winter. I used to get a lot of robins in my last yard, but here I see them a lot less often.