Sunday 26 April 2015

The New Compost

Composting at my place has mostly been limited to food scraps and grass clippings as that is all that could fit into the black composter that I have here (same kind I've had everywhere).

Garden waste such as dead tomato plants after harvesting or other yard waste such as smaller branches and such have generally been tossed into the nearby bushes.  My efforts last summer to clean up the front flower gardens and trim back all the trees resulted in this pile (below) which admittedly is half on my neighbours property (with several acres in between us, I don't think they'll notice).  It has mostly decomposed but it's a bit unsightly.

I have wanted a larger compost area for a while.  I have been collecting old pallet skids whenever I could find them for this purpose.  But the perfect back piece arrived with my greenhouse - it was the 10 foot long skid that the greenhouse pieces were shipped on.  The smaller skids were screwed into the ends and middle of the larger back piece and a few stakes have been placed in the ground to solidify it a bit.

I will likely nail a board in along the front just to "hold things in".  Otherwise, I've left it wide open for now.  I'll see if it becomes a problem with pests but I don't expect it to be any worse than my current spot.

I've been composting just a few feet away with no lid. Well, I had one lid but used the two halves as separate composters so only the smaller one had the lid.  I must have put the lid on with something inside as it managed to chew its way out.  Hmm.  But it's mostly just mice, voles, chipmunks and such.


  1. I love pallet bins. At my last house I had a natural wooded back yard. So there I used wire circles to make bins including a 10' wide one for leaves in the fall. But here I have four pallet bins. Two for leaves, two for composting. They really keep the mess contained and that is necessary as we have such a small yard. I also love pallet bins because pallets are trash themselves. It is a good way to use those up.

  2. That is something I have to get to this year as well. I've collected a bunch of pallets and they are off to the side of our yard. They are piled only a few feet from our neighbors yard and I have a feeling they would very much appreciate it if I got to that task asap!

    1. Ooh, I love pallets ... I have a few other pallet projects on the go but likely won't get done knowing me.