Tuesday 4 August 2015

Jimmy Nardello Peppers: Deformed??

This is the first year that I've grown Jimmy Nardello peppers. I realize they can get really curly during growth, but I think this is a bit much. 

It looks as if there were multiple peppers trying to form out of the same bud but only one succeeded in growing.  The rest are just sticking out like a little jesters cap!  

This is affecting about 25% of my peppers (so about 4 of the 16 or so that I have on the plant right now).  There is no apparent bug damage anywhere.

Any thoughts on why this might happen?  This is my only plant of this variety and I keep it in the greenhouse.   The leaves are a bit pale (as are most of the plants in the greenhouse) so I've just gone around and given organic veggie fertilizer to most of them.  I'm not too worried as it looks like plenty of them are "normal" but kind of curious if it is something I've done to cause this.


  1. My vote is deformed - I'm growing Jimmy Nardellos this year too & none of them look like that, but rather like those that Dave (Dave's Sq. Ft. Garden) posted the other day...although mine are not red yet. My only thought is that it resembles veg that may have been grown in a medium that is contaminated with weed killer - although then I would have expected all of the peppers to be like that and not just a few.

    1. Yes, most of them are fine ... weird, but at least it's not the entire plant.