Sunday 4 August 2013

Grilled Cheddar, Apple and Raspberry Sandwich

I picked raspberries this morning at one of those pick-yourself places.  It's nearing the end of the season, so it was hard work - getting right into those prickly bushes to get the few that were left.  But worth it nevertheless to have some fresh berries.  After shoveling a few hands full into my mouth, I had a craving ... 

When I was growing up, I loved eating cheese and jam sandwiches: cheddar cheese and raspberry jam.  Not strawberry jam, always raspberry.  On plain white bread.  This is a slightly more adult version of that simple combination. 

Raspberry Puree
1 cup raspberries
1 tsp grainy mustard
1 tsp balsamic vinegar
1-2 tsp honey*

Mix all ingredients in blender/food processor.

*This amount of honey does not make for a very sweet puree; if you choose to use a tarter apple (Granny Smith), you might want to sweeten the raspberry mix a bit more (maybe 4 tsp honey).  I was going for more of a natural sweetness.  Coincidentally, I used Fuji, which is apparently the complete opposite on the spectrum of apple flavours from Granny Smith.

The Sandwich
Bread of choice: I used large slices of buttermilk bread
Raspberry Puree
Aged Cheddar (I'm still using 5-year old Balderson cheddar)
Thinly sliced apple

Spread raspberry puree on one slice.  Layer the other side with thin slices of the cheddar, then a layer of the apple, and one more bit of cheddar.

Heat butter in a pan, add topped slices into pan.  When grilled on the undersides, gently flip the raspberry-topped slice onto the cheese/apple slice.

Remove from heat and cover pan to ensure cheese is gooey.

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