Sunday 25 August 2013

Storing Borlotti Beans (Part 2)

Following my previous posting on this subject (Storing Berlotti Beans (Part 1)) and a tip from reader HelenB, I waited a while longer to harvest the remaining berlotti beans to ensure they were ready.  Well ... I still didn't get it quite right, but at least I now know what to look for next year.  Some were definitely ready, but some were still green ...

But the fully ripened beans have the most amazing colours and patterns!

The pods need to be almost dried out ... perhaps some were too dry, but the beans inside still seemed fine.

I harvested all of them even though I realized they were not all quite done.


I pulled all the plants, ready or not, because I wanted to clear the space for something else (I forgot about this red sunflower I had planted, looking forward to it blooming!). 

My plan was to put the new broccoli plants in that space as I had recently started another batch.  Unfortunately, I have some worm issues so I'll deal with those first before moving them into the raised garden.

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