Sunday 24 March 2013

Plant Update - March 24th

I was running out of space, again, so while at Lowe's yesterday purchasing a few tools and gardening supplies, I saw this 4-tiered "mini greenhouse" unit.  It fits perfectly in the solarium area, and the 4 shelves provide far more space than I had previously available.  After only an hour in the window this afternoon the temperature was very high inside, so best to keep it unzipped during the daytime!

This allowed me to move a few more seedlings upstairs that were ready for direct sunlight.  I kind of plopped the little pot of parsley as is into a bigger pot, so it's kind of bunched up in the middle.  But it will spread out a bit as it becomes accustomed to the larger space.

The sage is still tiny, but looking sturdy.  So much better than the miniscule rosemary and thyme that were started at the same time!

Tomatoes are awesome - some as tall as 6 inches!  These are the San Marzano plums.

I had more space in the basement "seedling germination area" now to start more plants.

 I started 4-cell seed inserts as follows:
  • Annie Oakley Okra - I put 2 seeds per cell as these are last year's seeds;
  • Marketmore Cukes - same, 2 per cell, last year's;
  • Lumina Pumpkins - 2 per cell; my own saved seeds, first time I've done this;
  • Small Sugar Pumpkin - 1 seed per cell;
  • Jade Star Watermelon - 1 seed per cell;
  • Salad Bush Cukes - 1 seed per cell.

These last variety, the salad bush cukes, were bought specifically because they are good for container growing.  A bit pricey - $5 for only 15 seeds (way pricier than the Marketmore's from last year but then I didn't have a lot of success with those).  Last year, I started the summer squash at the same time as cukes, pumpkin and watermelon.   But I found they grow a lot quicker, so I can wait another few weeks to get those started.  I also only put one seed per cell at this time because I'm pretty early, so lots of time to start more seeds later.

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