Tuesday 27 August 2013

Beet and Carrot Juice (and a request for borscht recipes)

For nutritional reasons, it is always better to just eat the vegetable or fruit itself rather than the juice, as otherwise, you miss out on all of the fiber.  But if the only other option is to not eat it at all, then go for the juice!  In my case, I had a week where I was a bit overwhelmed with beets and carrots, and although they both store well, I still had (and still have) plenty more coming.  Hence, the juice.

I used a combination of carrot, beet and apple juice.  The great thing about these three is that the juices all test great on their own.  Both carrot and beet juices are very sweet compared to most vegetables.  So it really does not matter how much of each is used in this mix, it will still taste good.


Because I was harvesting some carrots (Purple Haze) that were growing in containers and therefore small, and Cylindra beets which are not the kind normally found in grocery stores, I used weight as the measure rather than the number of each.

 Juice the following ingredients:

6 oz carrots
7 oz beets
A small handful of beet greens
8 oz apples

As for the other topic ... I used to have my friend's grandfather's recipe for Borscht, and it was amazing.  But I have misplaced it.  If anyone has an awesome Borscht recipe to share, please do!!

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