Tuesday 6 August 2013

Growing Winter Squash

Winter squash seems to be a lot easier to grow than its relative, the pumpkin.  Or at least it is a much more successful plant for me to grow!  I don't bother with seedlings, rather I just put the seed direct in the soil - a week or two before the last frost is usually OK, but not much earlier as it does not take long for the seed to germinate and sprout.

This year, I have planted both butternut and, for the first time, acorn squash.  I have several of each in raised gardens.  They are flourishing; in fact, I regret putting them in the raised gardens so close to the herb garden as their vines are becoming difficult to contain.

I have a number of butternuts already.  The immature fruit is pale green with white stripes.  They are not ready to harvest until they've fully turned tannish brown.

Being the first time I've grown acorn squash, I'm not sure of the full maturing process, but most certainly they will need to become a dark green before harvesting.


  1. It would be nice to know where you live. Season too short where I live I believe for planting seeds in the garden direct.

  2. Eastern Ontario - it's a pretty short season, although not as short as most I suppose - seeds go in the ground around mid to late May and it seems to work out well enough for August/Sept harvests.