Saturday 12 March 2016

Lazy Saturday Morning Breakfast: Duck Egg Baked with Tomato Sauce and Feta


Grab one of the last jars of that delicious, and oh so precious, tomato sauce you made last fall that is sitting on a shelf in your cold room.  Throw a few tablespoons into a large ramekin.  Add a slice or two of feta cheese.  Crack in one of those duck eggs that you bought from someone you discovered on kijiji (because it is super hard to find duck eggs).

Bake at 375 degrees until egg is set (or maybe overcook it a tad bit because you got home late after going to the Brier the previous night to see Team Newfies take down North Ontario).  Serve with some slightly stale, re-toasted naan from the other night.  Turn on Netflix and enjoy.

Here I am (right) at the Brier with my friend Donna and some weird snowman mascot guy wearing a kilt. And yes, I'm smirking ... cuz it's weird.


  1. Oh God, that last bit had me laughing - weird snowman in a kilt indeed! That sounds like a great breakfast - I've never had a duck egg that I can recall...does it taste any different than a chicken egg or is it just bigger?

    1. Well, I can taste a difference in the yolks as they are a bit richer and definitely higher yolk to white ratio for duck eggs. But it's pretty subtle. So they have a higher fat content and that's why I like to use them in baking recipes (fluffier cakes and such).

      I was laughing myself looking at the picture. Oof.