Sunday 23 March 2014

Geraniums: Wintered Indoors in Pots

I was thinking of putting up a post a few weeks ago asking if anyone knew what needed to be done for geraniums that were brought indoors for the winter.

But then one bloomed all of a sudden and so I figure no action is required on  my part.

And another one coming soon ...

I had started geraniums from seed last year and managed to get 5 plants from the 8 seeds I had purchased ($4 for 8 seeds).  Although they were transplanted into larger pots, I never did get them into the ground.  But these aren't really the thick, bushy types of geraniums people use as borders in gardens.  I suspect I'll just leave them in their pots.

This one has a bonsai-style going on ...

But I'll still ask the question in case it's not as easy as this ... should I be doing some sort of maintenance on my geraniums to prepare them for the new growing season??  Any advice would be appreciated.

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