Wednesday 26 March 2014

Okra Seeds - only 2 days to germinate!

This single Annie Oakley Okra seed was only planted two days ago in jiffy peat pellets which have been germinating on a heat mat.  Wow, that's fast!  Although I don't expect the tomatoes to be far behind.  You can also see one starting to sprout in the pellet just to the right.

But these seeds are larger than your average tomato seed (similar in size to a peppercorn or allspice berry).  In fact, I wasn't sure if they might be too large for these peat pellets and I'll keep an eye out for the 2nd and 3rd seeds in each pellet to sprout.  I'll have to nip any extras early on.  Generally, the larger the seed the quicker the germination which is why squash and pumpkin seeds can usually be seeded directly in the soil when the weather warms up because they grow so quickly.  

The Okra seeds were, by far, the largest I seeded this past weekend but I'll still watch closely over the next few days as others should start to emerge.

I did not have much of an Okra harvest last year, but saw an Okra plant flower for the first time.  They don't take too long .... this picture was taken last year on June 22nd.  I wonder why they sometimes flower??  Does it affect the growth?  Any input is welcome as I have grown Okra only a few years, but the flowering only occurred one year and on just a few plants.

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