Sunday 13 April 2014

Inside the Greenhouse!

Well, this is a very different post from last year's "in the greenhouse"!  I was excited last spring to finally get into the greenhouse to start seedlings and get the gardening season underway.  This year, I was anxious to get in to see what damage had occurred when the greenhouse collapsed under the weight of the snow in February.

Luckily, the greenhouse is covered under my house insurance and so I will have a replacement some time this year - I will most likely need to wait until at least June as the ground is too wet for that type of construction to take place.

I managed to get inside just a few days ago and I am happy to report that very little of the equipment and tables seem to be damaged although I'll need to wait until the snow is fully melted to get a proper idea.

With the heavy rains last week, and more coming, I had to tear some holes in the plastic to release some of the water or the weight may have led to more damage.  But I want to save as much of the plastic as I can for salvage ... I'll use some to build cold frames and will give some to a friend to replace his own greenhouse plastic when needed.

It was a very unfortunate experience and it is frustrating not to have the greenhouse in working condition this spring, but it should work out OK in the long run - a newer structure that should be able to withstand the difficult winters we have now and then.

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