Thursday 10 April 2014

Yard Update: Spring Flooding

After a few days of warm weather, and at least one day of heavy downpours, the snow is melting quickly and making lakes of most people's front yards. Above is the area between mine and my neighbours.

The Rideau River is very high in parts ...

And field's flooded ...

The herb garden is almost free of snow (sort of).

And the thyme is perfectly fine after the winter.

The sage and rosemary not so great now, but they should come back soon enough.

The one raised garden that I planted with garlic was free of snow, so I pulled away the hay and can see a few sprouts popping up already.

And I really hope this raised garden is enough above the water level to have drained a bit or else the asparagus is going to get a very late start (if at all).

It's definitely worse than last spring for flooding in the yard, but with a few good weeks, planting times hopefully won't be affected.

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