Monday 7 April 2014

More On Where To Buy Seeds ... And Hey, Seed Swaps

This is a short follow up to my last post on the pros and cons of various seed companies.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I have not purchased any seeds from local sellers - although I did try to attend a seed swap.  After reading about Amanda from Cooking In Someone Else's Kitchen helping to organize a seed swap in Trenton, I got all excited about attending my own local seed swaps.  Unfortunately, when I checked out the Seedy Saturday website, I realized I had missed anything in the area by at least a month.  I'll be on the watch out early enough next year so as not to miss them again.

But there are plenty of opportunities for me to buy seeds locally ...

Greta's Organic Seeds are right on my drive to/from work.  She has a large variety and I've actually bought seedlings there.  She also has a pot swap at the end of her drive - leave pots if you have extra; take 'em if you need 'em.  I've done both. 

And Terra Edibles are just a couple of hours away; not far from where I used to live in Madoc.  I've been into the store (in lovely little Foxboro) but was not growing from seed at that time.  Anyway, that's pretty much "in the neighbourhood" compared to where I have been ordering seeds.

Oh, and if you are in the general area of Madoc, I highly recommend Trish's plant shop right on Highway 62 for any veggie / herb seedling or plants you need.  Excellent quality and price!

And my favourite place to get seedlings is in Carleton Place from Yuko when she holds her annual plant sale.

And that is definitely the last bit I have to say on ordering seeds.  Now to get growing the darn things!!

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