Thursday 29 May 2014

2014 Garden Plans: Part 3

Here is the third (and last) posting showing more of what I have planted for the 2014 vegetable growing season. The first post went through the main gardens and raised frames.  The second post was all about the straw bale setups.  And this is the rest ... including the blueberry bush pictured above (did nothing it's first year; I have my fingers crossed that I'll get at least a nibble this year).

In What's Left of the Greenhouse

The back third of the greenhouse is still in place (with the rest having been torn down after winter damage).  But there is plenty of space left which I'm not taking full advantage of yet.  So far, I have some hot and sweet peppers in pots, a Salad Bush Cucumber plus the following plants (tomato pots are filled with weeds, need to do some work this weekend):

Tomatillos plus Black Krim and Brandywine Tomatoes in Pots
Tarbais Beans in Plastic Grow Bags

Here and There

Sweet and Hot Peppers ... these will probably be moved into the greenhouse when I get a chance.

Rhubarb ... eight of them!

Another asparagus patch ...

Nanking Cherry ... I bought this at Yuko's place last year, but it stayed in the pot until I finally planted it somewhere in September!  I really overbought last year and could not keep up with everything.  But it seems to be coming back fine.  Not sure if this is a bush or a tree??  Either way, it will have some space where I planted it.

The Potato Patch

Last year, this was the pumpkin and melon patch.  Now it's potatoes.

And just behind the potato patch is a line of Kong sunflowers.  They are supposed to get up to 12 feet tall but not sure if that involves a lot of fertilizer?  We'll see what I get naturally from them.

And the Newest Garden: Three Sisters Garden

I still have a bit of work to be done here but the corn has been planted.  This is my first time growing a Three Sisters Garden (corn, beans, squash) and I'm not sure how well it will do in straw.  But more on that in a future post ...

A Three Sisters Garden Still in Progress

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