Sunday 11 May 2014

A Tip for Chopping Leeks

 I used some leeks recently and will be posting that recipe soon but I wanted to share a tip on getting the most out of your leeks that maybe not everyone knows (or maybe it's obvious so whatever).

Most recipes say to chop leeks using only the whites and light green parts because the dark green parts are far too tough to be edible (although excellent for making a vegetable stock with).

But you can actually remove the dark green stalk a layer or two at a time to uncover more light green useable bits.

 Just remove one or two layers, chop more, then repeat.   You can do this 1-2 layers at a time until you reach the middle; it's all good to use!

Now if someone could just share some tips with me for growing leeks or even onions, that would be great!  I have a terrible time most years with onions and have decided to grow very few this year until I figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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