Friday 31 May 2013

First of Many (May 31)

I have already had the pleasure of eating my first strawberry from the garden (might have picked it a bit early, it looked good but not so the taste), and a sugar snap pea from the container planting in the greenhouse (oh, so fresh and tasty!).  And a number of firsts have also occurred over the past week.
The first potato flowers!

The first hot pepper!  I did a poor job keeping track of my plants after the first transplant. 

I am pretty sure these are not jalapenos, yet all of my other Hungarian Hot Wax have yellow flowers, and this plant clearly has white flowers. 

I'll have to keep an eye on this one.


The first sugar pumpkin - this little guy has been growing for a week or so now.  I have not had the opportunity to pollinate as the male and female flowers never seem to be open at the same time!  I'm still hoping for lots of bees coming into the greenhouse, but haven't seen many anywhere recently. 

I am also wondering if the flower is too dried up, and maybe this will affect the pumpkin from ever growing?  I'm still learning about pollination ... luckily, most of my pumpkins are outside and I should not have to worry so much about it.

 And as I reported my first tomato a few days ago, this isn't a true first, but it is the first black krim.

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