Sunday 12 May 2013

Robin Babies and Plant Update - May 12

Happy Mother's Day!  The robin in my greenhouse is now a mama too - not sure when these little guys hatched, but I snapped these shots yesterday.  I had thrown Sugar Ray out of the greenhouse as he was getting awfully close to the nest, and I noticed the robin heading out for some worm pickings, so I had a very brief opportunity.

Yesterday was cool and the grass was damp all day from the previous night's rain so no chance to mow (I spent a guilt-free day in the kitchen!).  And the forecast of a possible frost for a couple of nights next week means I'm not bothering to do anymore transplanting - much easier to cover the plants when they are all in little pots.

Here is what some of my earlier transplants are looking like this weekend:

Black Krim Tomatoes

Container Potatoes

Sugar Ann Snap Peas

Sugar Pumpkin

Paris Market "stubby" Carrots

Bon Vivant Lettuce Mix

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  1. What ever you do, don't name those birds! Great pics.