Monday 6 May 2013

Return of the Black Fly and Arrival of Asparagus Crowns

If you aren't from Ontario, check out this video ...The blackfly song.  Oh, all right, I know they aren't just in Ontario, but does anyone else have a song about black flies?!  I'll be wearing my trusty warrior suit (some call it a bug jacket, but I like to be more dramatic) for the next month or so to avoid donating too much blood to the little critters.

Asparagus crowns arrived today (Mary Washington's).  I managed to get one bed planted, as well as some pumpkins, sunflowers and cosmos.  But I was lazy, and easily irritated by the black flies.  So I cut out early and will finish the rest of the asparagus tomorrow.

Single asparagus crown

Placed in a trench before getting covered up with roots spread out

Pumpkin patch with the 1st inhabitants; sunflowers in the back

Lumina pumpkins from saved seeds

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