Monday 20 May 2013

Yard Update - May 20: ID'ing plants, trees

I had some visitors this weekend, three of whom knew plenty about trees, flowers and such.  Between them, I was able to confidently identify some trees and plants that I had previously only guessed at.  I'm thrilled to find out that I have crab apple trees, two varieties.  

I know they can be messy, and will likely attract wildlife for nibbles, but I'm excited to try crab apple butter again.  The one time I tried making it I overcooked it, and rather than apple butter, it was more like fruit leather.  It was tasty, but I didn't realize how thick it was, so instead of spreading it on sheets like regular fruit leather, I stored it in jars - kinda hard to dig out, so much of it was chucked uneaten.  The flowering crab apple tree smells fabulous and is filled with bees today!

Hardy Geraniums - in pot and in garden

During this long weekend in May, I also visited some plant sales.  One woman in a neighbouring area was especially helpful, and I purchased a number of plants.  After visits from friends, I realized that half the plants I purchased were already existing in my yard!

Lily of the Valley - in pot and in garden

Ugh ... hopefully I'll get this whole flower thing worked out soon so I don't keep embarrassing myself like this.  But it was worth the time I spent talking to the vendor, understanding which plants are good in shade, sun, etc. (and I saw the proof, as we walked around her yard where she pointed out each plant!).

Purchased two varieties
I have been anxious about getting some daylilies as they are so pretty; I had even considered ordering some online.  I could not believe how pricey they were!  So when I found some locally this weekend, I grabbed what I could - $5 per plant (a steal, compared to online prices).  Argghhh ... it turns out that I already have 3 patches; two of them very large.  I had no idea what these were, I was thinking rhododendron, which is silly because I don't even know what rhododendrons look like (nothing like daylilies as it turns out).

One of three daylily patches in the yard

Raspberry bush in the garden
And since my recently planted raspberry canes are still strugging along, how great to be told that I already have several raspberry bushes!  Odd location in the garden (at least, it seems odd to me) near the strawberries.  I prefer them on the outskirts, so will see if a transplant is possible some other time.  The raspberry canes I planted a few weeks back are not going to bear fruit anytime soon, so I'll take what I can get!

 And lilacs - both lilac and white!

 And a purple-leaf sandcherry (in need of pruning).

And a brief robin update ... not sure how many are left ... there are two in the nest that I can see, but I suspect one is the same I saw later in flight (and shown below on a ledge). I can't wait for them to be on their way so I can stop tip-toeing around the area!

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  1. During this long weekend in May, I also visited some plant sales. One woman in a neighbouring area was especially helpful...berry plants