Monday 8 July 2013

A Strange Harvest plus a Yard Update

My harvest for today is a bit strange - a flower pot full of strawberries, an eight-ball zucchini and a single okra.  I know someone who might take that as a food challenge (hmm, I think some pantry ingredients would be in order) - me not so much.  The strawberries will likely be frozen, the eight-ball will join the several other zucchini already in the fridge (I really do have plans for them) and the okra ... well, one okra doesn't do much.

But many other items are available for harvest as needed, and others are close.  Here is an update of plants both inside the greenhouse and outside.


Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, cauliflower that I planted from seeds

My first ever broccoli plant ...but from a seedling

Brussels Sprouts starting to form


Cantaloupe outside - hope there is time enough in the season

Maybe a pumpkin if it doesn't rot first!
Another blossom end rot - fail!

One of many cucumber plants

One of only two watermelon ...
... out of 5 plants

This is a mish-mash of winter and summer squash in one raised garden and not sure which is which plus a single out-of-place broccoli plant (I also have a real mystery squash plant that is growing out of the compost).


Outside looking strong:

Inside in containers: some have already fallen over, but not so sure it means they are ready to harvest - I'm holding off for a bit.


Some of the many dozens of jalapenos on their way

A Black Krim tomato

Beets and greens

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Beans - lots of flowers, no beans yet!

Carrots needing to be thinned!

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