Saturday 27 July 2013

Paris Market Atlas Carrots

I started these carrots from seed in mid-April (April 13 post) in stacked styrofoam containers.

These are a stubby type of carrot so I thought the depth was enough.  It was actually; but I did a poor job of thinning out the carrots and they were packed in a bit tight; so they are still a bit small.  I've been nibbling on them over the past week or two and I thought it was time to just harvest them.

I have plenty of other carrots (several varieties) that are also well on their way:

On the Patio Stairs

In a Raised Garden

Container in the Greenhouse

I only got about a half pound of these Paris Market Atlas carrots, but they are really tasty.  I cooked them with some grated ginger, orange zest and orange juice to make a bit of a glaze.  I don't know why so many recipes for glazed carrots always call for sugar or honey.  Carrots are plenty sweet, and the orange juice provides enough sugars to create a nice sticky glaze.  Add a bit of butter at the end, and it makes a delicious side dish.

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