Thursday 11 July 2013

Good Looks Aren't Everything ... So Long As You Have Good Taste (or Taste Good)


When I left for work this morning, I knew I was coming home to my first taste of ripe tomato.  So I had to buy a very special ingredient for the occasion: plain white sandwich bread, the fresher the better.

For many years now, my first real taste of tomato each season has always been with a simple tomato sandwich. Plain white bread to avoid any contrasting flavours.  Just a touch of mayonnaise for a bit of tang.  And as many tomato slices as I can pile on.

Luckily, my first ripe tomato was a slicing tomato, a Black Krim heirloom to be specific (most of my tomatoes are plum types for sauce-making).  The Black Krim (which originated in Russia) is one of several heirloom tomatoes that often get referred to as "ugly but delicious".  They can look really ugly, but they have so much flavour!

Black Krim 2012

Sometimes they grow just like an even, round tomato that you
might find at the grocery store (I had some of those last year),
but more often than not, they are grotesquely misshapen.

I had to slice this particular tomato at several angles to get most of the flesh due to its shape.  But make no mistake, it tastes amazing!  Aside from the shape, some people also think the colour makes them ugly as they can have a dark pigmentation, but the deep purple-brown flesh makes them look even tastier to me!

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