Tuesday 16 July 2013

Patty Pan Squash

This is my zucchini harvest for today; I had a similar one just a few days ago.  I have kept up with most of the zucchini, but the patty pans seem to be multiplying exponentially.  Some good friends (thank you!) have accepted bags full.  I always purchase a package of mixed summer squash seeds from William Dam Seeds each year, and there always seem to be 4 or 5 patty pan plants.  Each plant can easily supply dozens, if not a hundred, little squash in just a few weeks.

I pick them small, 1-3 inches in diameter, as they are much more tender at that stage.  Besides, can you imagine 80 large patty pan's from each plant to deal with?!  They are still edible, for sure, but at that size, I am more likely to stuff and bake them.

But I also discovered that I have a crookneck squash plant, which I've never had before, so I'm excited about those.  Otherwise, I have the usual yellow and green zucchini, plus 1 eight-ball squash plant (they only look like 8-balls if they are picked quite small ... otherwise they become slightly more oblong).

This evening, I made a simple dinner with sauteed patty pan's and a handful of borlotti beans served with a bit of aged cheddar.  Fresh and delicious.

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