Sunday 22 June 2014

Happy Summer Solstice ... umm, yesterday

Summer has arrived!  And so has the longest day of the year (already come and passed actually - I was supposed to post this yesterday but got home too late).  It is a great time to celebrate and enjoy the bounties of the season ... which some friends and I did last night!  I have lots of my own home grown veggies and fruits (check in on Mondays for what I have harvested lately as part of Daphne's Dandelions Harvest Monday blog postings) but here I wanted to show some of the flowers that I found yesterday morning during my garden watering session ...

I'll start off with this: my first squash blossom of the season.  What a difference from last year when I already had a fully productive plant with an actual zucchini to harvest (and made Jamie Oliver's Beautiful Zucchini Carbonara with it), so I guess I got a late start this year.

The wild flowers I have growing here are mostly very common but that doesn't take away from how pretty they are:

And just a few of my own, starting with the sage flowers - I have been growing sage for many years and have never had flowers, but my sage is currently covered with them.  It doesn't seem to make the sage tough the way chive or basil flowers do to those plants so I guess I'll just leave them (unless someone tells me otherwise???).

And borage flowers:

And some of my own potted flowers:

And some of the first nasturtiums of the year ... these are interplanted among the vegetables along with marigolds to attract pollinators.

Sunflowers have a way to go before blooming as do the African Marigolds and Cosmos so I'll share pics of those another time.

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  1. My sage is in bloom too. Three of them look like yours with the purple blooms. But one has pink blooms which is strange.