Friday 20 June 2014

Trees Down

For people living in cities, it might seem an awful sight to see trees being taken down.  But I have acres of trees and the ones just back of my house have been creating some challenges for me. They were planted many, many years ago and people tend not to worry what trees will look like in 30 or more years.


I know it doesn't seem as pretty at first glance (there is still some cleanup to do).  But I am so thrilled with the extra sunlight.  And I can actually see the gazebo now!  I used to look out my window and see nothing but a wall of trees.  Now I see open space.  I can even see the pathway to the back meadow.

Many of the trees in my backyard are 80 plus feet tall and some closer than that to my house.  This particular silver maple was right beside the greenhouse space and leaning heavily in that direction.

After (firewood)


They were also so tall and dense that very little sunlight was getting to the greenhouse (or the soon-to-be new greenhouse space).

New trees will most certainly pop up in the open space created by the removal of the ten or so trees.  Many small trees are already there and will spring up quickly with access to sunlight now.

I had about a dozen chopped down.  Lots of hard work involved (by others ... I just watched).

And I now have a big 'ol pile of pine wood chips to mulch around the gardens - my plan is to cover the grass between garden spaces plus about 2 feet surrounding the gardens.  That should kill the grass so it will stop growing into the veggies and save me from having to mow (plenty of other grass to mow!).

And seriously, I have HUNDREDS of other trees ...


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