Monday 2 June 2014

Harvest Monday: June 2, 2014

I'm excited to post my first "Harvest Monday" at Daphne's Dandelions.  I've been checking out other harvests and am totally jealous of those not in Eastern Ontario where the late winter has been a challenge.  But some of the delay has been caused by me.  I've been distracted with the greenhouse replacement and my greens are not looking so great.  OK, it's not just me.  Seriously, strawberries already Daphne?  I have WEEKS to go ...

But I want to get in on the Harvest Monday action ... so here it is.  Measly, to be sure.  I would not normally count herbs in the calculation as they are quite plentiful, but I'm a bit desperate.

So here are some chives (pictured above) ... stay tuned for the chive crepes recipe for which these were harvested.  Seriously, I have a lot more than this, but this is all I needed (you may see the odd grass blade here and there; they'll get picked out before using).

And my rhubarb was only planted last year so I am being careful about harvesting too much.  To be truthful, I've been so busy planting the garden spaces that I have little inspiration for baking; this batch of rhubarb is going straight into the freezer.

My total haul the past day or two:

- a "bunch" of chives;
- 12 ounces of rhubarb.

Looking forward to more productive Harvest Monday's soon ...


  1. Herbs were the first thing out of my garden this year. At least they are reliable and tasty.

  2. It's been a very cold winter here too, and I didn't plant really until May (normal is March) so I feel your pain. Hope the rest of the year will go well for you.

  3. Chives are lacking in my garden this year - a gopher ate most of them. But I shouldn't complain, we've had an incredibly mild winter in a mild climate to begin with so the the rest of my garden is very productive. I sure wish I could swap some of my veggies for your chives...

  4. Chives and zucchini are a great confidence booster for new gardener's - they grow so easily (at least in my opinion). Tough luck to you michelle for the gopher problem!

  5. Things are a little behind here too. I am still picking some rhubarb and my chives are starting to flower.

    1. Iowa? You're definitely further south but not enough maybe. Tough spring everywhere.