Monday 11 August 2014

Harvest Monday: August 11, 2014

I am getting lots of baby potatoes still, but some are quite large.  It's too early for me to start storing potatoes and I've already dug up at least 10 pounds so I am giving lots away - who doesn't love potatoes fresh from the garden!?  I don't think I've pulled up any yukon gold yet, and I'm saving the fingerlings for last (my favourite).  So this is a mix of red chieftain, russian blue and kennebec.

Same with the carrots - I'm surprised at the size they are ... the loose soil in the raised garden is great for root veggies (including the beets above and red onions below grown from sets).

I also have bags of lettuce and swiss chard.  Some swiss chard went to a friend and I used to the rest to make mushroom and chard manicotti.

In the meantime, I'm still waiting for the greenhouse to be finished - contractor said he'd be back this past weekend, but no sign of him.  And so I keep waiting!

At least he has the frame up and it gives me some time to get the patio stones inside for the floor.

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  1. Those potatoes are gorgeous! So wish I had a greenhouse - definitely a wish list item, but unfortunately not something that I will be getting any time soon.

  2. Your harvests were so colorful this week. I'm with Margaret, it would be fabulous to have a green house, but it probably won't happen. Hope your contractor shows up soon, I hate it when they do those disappearing acts.

  3. We (almost) think alike, golden beets with a red one for color, just no potatoes for me. A green house would be nice but I don't have a sunny place to put it. Lucky you.

  4. I am very excited about this greenhouse - I've had one at my past couple of residences but this is definitely the nicest (newest?) I have ever had (thanks to the insurance settlement when the last one collapsed from snow). Previous ones were roughly covered in plastic so not much insulation. I hope I can really extend into the winter or early spring with this one.

  5. Those potatoes look so pretty. Especially the purple ones.

  6. Beautiful harvest, love the potato color combination. Looks like you'll have a beautiful greenhouse, have fun this coming winter.