Friday 8 August 2014

The New Shed

Following the collapse of my original greenhouse over the winter, I have been slowly rebuilding the pieces I need.

Both the new shed and greenhouse have been under construction over the past few weeks - well, off and on but mostly off.  The greenhouse contractor seems to only work one day a week!   But more on the greenhouse later.

This is just to show off my new shed (although still not quite completed).  My friend Dan offered to build me a shed ... he has never actually built a shed on his own before but had experience framing houses and such.  So what the heck, huh? 

It's pretty neat!  He got a great deal on some "older" wood so it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb.  Good price and looks good.  So much better than an aluminum shed from Crappy Tire!

It has a slope for the snow to come off - away from the new greenhouse.  Shingles still to be done.

And I took care of the patio stone floor ... I'm a bit totally lazy so didn't do the best job.  But whatever ... it's a shed! 

I still have a few more stones to be laid ... maybe tomorrow.  Or not.

 And some stones that were in the old greenhouse are being used for a pathway between the shed and greenhouse - I'll center them better once the greenhouse is finished.

And now I can start bringing back all that junk that is stored in my garage!!!! 


  1. What a terrific shed! We put in a new shed last year as well and by far the most difficult part was laying down those darn patio stones. Ours were around 18" wide and about 1" thick and leveling them properly was practically impossible because of their size/weight. Of course, having no idea what we were doing didn't help ;)

    1. Yes, well my leveling job certainly leaves something to be desired. I keep thinking it will just level itself out over the years - oh boy.