Monday 18 August 2014

Harvest Monday: August 18, 2014

Kale x 2

I have really been slowing down in my posts and had even briefly decided to give up the whole idea of blogging.  My day job is keeping me busier and busier so that's part of it.  But to be honest, trying to keep up with new recipes every week is wearing me down.  Sometimes I just want to eat toast with peanut butter, you know?

Basil ... most of it went to a friend

But I have really enjoyed the sense of community from the Harvest Monday postings.  So a big thank you to Daphne of Daphne's Dandelions for hosting this event each and every Monday - a great opportunity for seasoned and beginner gardener's alike to show off (maybe even brag a bit?) about their green thumb.

I appreciate the comments I receive on my own harvests and equally enjoy checking out the harvests from others.  They are always inspirational and very often educational as well.  And I get great ideas for next year's garden (like those Musica beans that everyone else seems to be growing except me).

So I'll keep going ... though with less of a focus on cooking posts and generally fewer posts during the week so I don't get too overwhelmed.  Maybe it will only be Harvest Monday posts each week; I'll do those at a minimum.  And maybe the extra time I have will allow me to weigh the harvests like so many others already do ... or maybe not (I tried it once and it seemed like a lot of effort).

Jeanette, Nantais and Purple Haze

It will definitely give me more time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine on my face and the feel of dirt between my toes ... like last week when I planted carrots and beets for a late fall harvest (actually, I don't usually walk around in bare feet, it was a rare moment).

And here are the rest of the garden goodies for this week.

I rarely bother with drying sage as it is a herb I don't often use.  But the plant was threatening to overtake my precious french tarragon so I ripped a big chunk off.

I just bought a bunch of red onions at a farmers market because they looked so good.  So silly when I had these of my own to harvest (sometimes I can't help myself).

 And I finally have some peppers!  I have been waiting for most of my peppers to turn red so it's been a while.  Except for the anchos which are meant to be green.

 More mixed beets  ... time for a roasted beet salad.


  1. Beautiful harvests - those carrots are gorgeous! And definitely envious of those sweet peppers - mine are taking FOREVER to get any colour on them - except green, of course;). I sowed the seeds back in February for Pete's sake!

    Blogging is definitely time consuming - I'm glad you're going to try to keep up with the Harvest Monday posts - it's been really great seeing what a fellow Ontarian is harvesting.

    1. Thanks, I like to check yours out too since we are close in our zones. Yes, I think also seeded my peppers early - first week of March I think? Anyway, nice to have the red, but they are pretty small.

  2. Blogging, like any other voluntary pastime, should be something that you enjoy. If you don't like it then don't do it. For me it helped that I figured out what I want from it, which is primarily a way to document what happens in my garden and as you've appreciated a certain sense of community. I really do like to go back and see what was happening in my garden weeks, months, or years ago and that's a big motivation for me to continue on. And even when I'm not posting about my own garden I value the inspiration that I get from other bloggers. I have to say that it is disappointing when I find a blog that I like to read and then poof! it disappears... So I encourage you to keep on blogging, do it so long as you enjoy it, and if you do decide to give it up please give us a fare thee well.

    Anyway, it's a pleasure to see your lovely harvests this week, and I can't believe that you have ripe peppers before I do.

  3. Oh please don't give up blogging. You have beautiful things to share and show.

  4. Those peppers and beets are so cute and beautiful.
    Blogging is time consuming but don't let it get you down, occasional photos and a line or two is fun.

  5. Ditto to what the others have said about blogging! You want it to be enjoyable for sure, and not seem like another job. This time of year the garden and other projects keep me busy, and it is tough to make time for blogging. And I am retired, at least officially. I'm one of those Musica growers and I first heard about these beans by reading someone's blog. I learn so much from others, and we all have something to share so keep 'em coming whenever you can!

    1. I spend a lot (I mean a lot!) of time in the winter pouring through seed catalogues, but I still see so many varieties I have never heard of. I suppose there are regional differences ... maybe some stuff that simply is not feasible to grow in Canada (or wherever) so they don't show up in the catalogues. But I am definitely inspired to branch out with more varieties next year.

  6. Lovely harvests. You remind me that I need to dehydrate some more sage. Unlike you I live for it in the winter. Soups, stuffing, chicken. Yum. I hope my husband likes it as much as I do as he is stuck eating it often enough.

    One year I talked one of my favorite bloggers into quitting. I was so sad. But you need balance in your life. If life is too much, you have to cut something out so you can still enjoy it. If you have no time to feel the wind on your skin or the sun on your face, what is the point? I hope you find your balance without quitting entirely. You might find you have inspiration to post once a month or once a season about a recipe. But you should definitely take the pressure off of yourself thinking you have to.

    And I know what you mean about just wanting to eat toast and peanut butter sometimes. I took a photo that might never make it on my blog. But it was dinner. All I wanted was some rye bread (from the freezer) with some cheddar cheese melted on top. I also had an ear of corn and some steamed broccoli. Oh so simple. Oh so good.

  7. Thanks to all for the positive reinforcement ... I will most certainly post the Harvest Monday's as they are a lot of fun. Beyond that, well, I'll just take it one day at a time!

  8. I know what you mean about blogging, sometimes seems like a chore. I had a hard time getting going this year. But I enjoy seeing your harvest posts, you have a lot to share, even if it is just photos. Speaking of which, very nice harvest this week. The carrots are beautiful, I'm envious. I can't get the things to germinate.