Sunday 3 August 2014

Wild Turkeys

I have a family of wild turkeys living on my property - unfortunately.  Two adults and four "chicks" (the chicks have grown a lot since my first sighting).  Here they are in the back of my house but, more often than not, I find them in the garden.  I wonder if it was them that nibbled my bean plants? I don't often see much damage after they have been near the garden ... not sure if I happen to arrive shortly after they do, or maybe they are just foraging for insects.

Either way, I'm not amused.  They have been wandering around here for about a month or so now.  I don't want to hurt them but certainly don't want them around!!

Sorry for the fuzzy pictures ...


  1. I had wild turkeys all the time at my last house. I never ever saw damage from them. Though to be honest I never saw them in my garden. I saw them in the front and back yards often enough .

  2. I love watching "wild" creatures...just so long as they stay far away from my garden!