Tuesday 23 April 2013

Greenhouse Update - April 23

I've decided to move operations out to the greenhouse. I am leaving the onions inside under the lights, and a handful of newly planted seeds.  Otherwise, everything is going to move to the greenhouse this week.  I will be very focused on the weather forecasts for the overnights, but regardless, I plan to cover all plants and seedlings with clear plastic to be safe.

Since I now have the extra space, I've started more herbs, veg and flowers this morning, including:

Herbs: cumin, cilantro, basil, chives, more parsley
Flowers: More asters, nasturtiums and marigolds, plus snapdragons and phlox;
Veg: Bunching onions, swiss chard, more jalapenos and a few more summer squash.

The peas, beets and carrots have started to sprout over the past few days.  Unfortunately, the potatoes are being eaten - I suspect it is squirrels.  The greenhouse is not (currently) fully enclosed, too many gaps in the plastic lining.