Saturday 20 September 2014

After the Frost

It's been quite a cool, wet summer this year in my area and it was topped off by a very early frost two nights ago.  The weather today almost seems balmy and the forecast for the next couple of weeks is similar.  Unfortunately, a brief dip below zero Thursday night killed off parts of my garden.

Just before the frost

The flowers were the most affected.  My tall cosmos didn't even have a chance to bloom!!  They are too much trouble to cover up so I took one last picture.  They are still standing but the leaves are now wilted and black.

Here is how they looked around mid-October last year.  So pretty and I'm so disappointed!!

 Same with the African marigold (shown in the main photo).  I had high hopes for these lasting through October ... I had such a big, lovely patch.

The Tarbais beans died as did the two remaining tomato plants I had left.  But there was so little fruit that I didn't bother to cover them up.   And there was no need to cover the broccoli and brussels sprouts - they can handle a light frost.

So could the carrots.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot about my miracle zucchini plant (no zucchini all year other than a single zucchini that I noticed a couple of weeks ago).  It's gone now.  As is the basil even though I covered it with plastic.

And I did cover the arugula and spinach and they are still okay.  And same with the parsley (wow, is it ever okay!).

As are the recently seeded beets which I covered as well.

I brought the potted geraniums inside but, for some reason, I thought the potted mint would be okay.  Not so as it is now mostly black.

The swiss chard was not really relevant to the frost topic as something nibbled it a few days earlier.

On the bright side, I can get several of the gardens cleaned up and prepped for winter much sooner than I had anticipated!  Was anyone else hit by an early frost?


  1. No frost here yet - Our weather in the last couple of days has been really good, but judging by the overall weather in the last few months, I wouldn't be surprised if we got hit before October.

    That's too bad about all of your lovely flowers. I too am looking forward to cleaning up the beds - even though we haven't had frost many of the beds, esp. the cucumber/squash & tomato beds, are in quite a pitiful state.

  2. We missed the frost. We did get down into the 30s one night, but not low enough to frost. Which is good as I'm still hoping for my butternuts to ripen a bit more before I pick them.