Monday 29 September 2014

Harvest Monday: September 29, 2014

 Not much happening this week .. but I wanted to share this photo.  Evidence of what nibbled the last bit of my chard and carrots.  The picture was taken Saturday morning around 6:30 am.

The only harvest lately was this basket of herbs that I gave to a friend who helped with some much needed grooming of the garden: sage, rosemary,  thyme, tarragon, parsley.


  1. Deer are such pretty animals, but oh so destructive. When I was growing up my mom put in an 11' fence to keep them out.

  2. Yes the "deer fence" - they jump so high it needs to be super high and angled. My former neighbours had a deer fence but it's a lot of work and kind of spoils the view. I'll see how it goes next year - the garden is always fine until fall so maybe I just need to do a better job with covering things up.

  3. Deer and rabbits - two of the cuties animals so long as they are nowhere near your garden. And that lovely basket of herbs is nothing to sneeze at - a perfect gift.

  4. Yes! Rabbits are so cute too ... but so destructive! I'm also partial to chipmunks - so cute, but very annoying! :)

  5. Lucky me, the deer here are deterred by a 6 foot fence. I couldn't even dream of having a garden without a fence.

    1. Yes, I expect I will need fencing but I don't want it to block the entire view - will have to consider options.

  6. Lovely animals! (If a tad destructive). I have to put a little fence around my two raised beds in the back back garden to stop ours and the neighbours cats using it as a loo. It's quite inconvenient but better than finding little surprises. It's amazing how high they can jump too. Luckily we don't get any grazing animals on the allotment but other sites in norwich do.